Track Record

History of ECMan

ECMan started as an Asset Management Company located in Bergen (NO) 7 years ago catering for Fund of Funds (FoF), High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), Institutional Investors and small Pension Funds.


  • The Managed Capital grew from €30 mio in 2006 to € 90 mio in 2009.

  • Although ECMan did not suffer from a return slump in 2009, ECMan actually managed to squeeze out a small positive figure (easily the best performance in the sector for the year!), it meant that some of the largest capital allocation of the FoF, was shifted out of Energy into other sectors for policy reasons.

  • With a total 65,73% return (10% per annum), ECMan decided an orderly return of remaining capital to investors in May 2010, pending a re-launch of the activities in Q3 2012.

Relaunch in Amsterdam

ECMan committed significant investment over the past few years to build a new research infrastructure and engineered a whole new generation of empirical quantitative models based on fundamental factors resulting in stable returns and low correlation with other asset classes Due to the unfavorable regulatory regime in Norway, introduced in 2010, the management decided to relocate the actual fund management activities to Amsterdam.

The return performance of the Principal Investment Manager Trond Jensen was the main contribution to the success of the ECMan activities as can be incurred from his track record below.

Trond Jensen personal track at ECMan 2006 - 2010:


Trond Jensen personal track compared to Credit Suisse benchmarks:


 Certified numbers are available for due dilligence to verify the ECMan track record:

 Audited ECMan Return Statistics 2006 - Jul 2010 (public part only):

Total since inception

65,73 %

Annualized since inception

9,77 %

Annualized standard deviation

7,66 %

Best month

9,40 %

Worst month

-2,44 %

Avg. gain in profitable months

2,02 %

Avg. loss in non-profitable months

- 0,80 %

Sharpe (2,75 % risk free Euribor 1M)


Assets under management minimum                       

≈ € 30 mio

Assets under management maximum                       

≈ € 90 mio